23rd January 2017


GEMME UK - Conciliation: Mediation – Lessons from the Family Side

Date:           Tuesday 31st January 2017

Time:          17:30 onwards

Venue:        Brick Court Chambers, 7-8 Essex Street, London WC2R 3LD                   

Speakers:   The Hon. Mr Justice Moor, Susan Jacklin QC, Juliet Mayhew and HH Nicholas Chambers QC

Topic:        Conciliation: Mediation – Lessons from the Family Side

Bitter acrimony and stubborn entrenchment are no preserve of the financial battlegrounds of common law and equity. The Family Courts deal with such disputes all the time in ways often very different from those familiar to a commercial mediator. With them there is no cautious exploratory advance through the foothills of the day before a night assault on the summit of resolution. Whether by judicial leadership or privately appointed equivalents, where there has been no previous agreement, the parties must take part in a Financial Dispute Resolution Appointment whose nature is set out in a Best Practice Guide that leaves no room for equivocation. The parties are told their duties and what to expect with a judge from whom early neutral evaluation is a given.

The purpose of this seminar is not to set up one process of seeking settlement against another. Family practitioners make extensive use of standard methods of mediation. The intention is to show practitioners outside the Family Courts an effective system for resolving financial disputes that have a great deal in common with those elsewhere.

Booking:     To register please email Andrew Grosvenor, andrew.grosvenor@brickcourt.co.uk

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Mediation in the Colonies

Date:          Wednesday 1st February 2017

Time:          6.00pm – 7.15pm (tea served from 5.30pm)

Venue:        The Academy of Experts, 3 Gray’s Inn Square, London WC1R 5AH

Speakers:   Robert Cosgrave

Topic:        Mediation in the Colonies

Thomas Jefferson, the American revolutionary, once wrote "I consider trial by jury as the only anchor ever yet imagined by man, by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution."

For some 200 years, for better or worse, jury trials have been the means through which the United States has attempted to resolve all legal issues - criminal and civil.  But jury trials are on the decline and fewer and fewer attorneys or claims professionals seem to have the stomach for the fight. What has replaced it is mediation, the "civilized" way to resolve disputes without conflict, or so it is claimed.

This talk will analyse the increasing importance of mediation in the US. Special attention will be paid to the purposes of mediation from the US perspective, the structure of US mediations and the practical techniques used by mediators to attempt to resolve disputes. In unpacking these issues, this event will aim to provide solutions to what has become the new norm for resolving US claims. 

Booking:    Contact reservations@academy-experts.org


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